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As a resource book, it is priceless, not only for the thoroughness of topics, but also for the invaluable bibliographies included in each entry…Highly recommended." – Introduction Carlo Morselli PART I: CO-OFFENDING NETWORKS Chapter 1: The Importance of Studying Co-offending Networks for Criminological Theory and Policy Jean Marie Mc Gloin and Holly Nguyen Chapter 2: Sex and Age Homophily in Co-offending Networks: Opportunity or Preference? Faulkner and Eric Cheney PART V: EXTREMIST NETWORKS Chapter 16: Terrorist Network Adaptation to a Changing Environment Sean F.

Everton and Dan Cunningham Chapter 17: Understanding Transnational Crime in Conflict-Affected Environments: The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Illicit Minerals Trading Network Carlo Morselli is a Professor at the École de criminologie, Université de Montréal and Deputy Director of the International Centre for Comparative Criminology.

He is also the author of Contacts, Opportunities, and Criminal Enterprise (University of Toronto Press, 2005) and a series of articles that have been published in Criminology; Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency; Critical Criminology; Crime, Law, and Social Change; and Social Networks.

Since 2011, he has served as the Editor-in-Chief for the journal Global Crime.

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"This edited volume of social network research in criminology has been a long time coming within social network analysis (SNA)…the book is complete enough to share a curriculum around crime networks, either as a special topics course in a generalist sociology department or as a core course within a criminology/criminal justice degree program. Carrington Chapter 3: The Evolution of a Drug Co-arrest Network Natalia Iwanski and Richard Frank Chapter 4: Assessing the Core Membership of a Youth Gang from its Co-offending Network Martin Bouchard and Richard Konarski PART II: ORGANIZED CRIME NETWORKS Chapter 5: The Embedded and Multiplex Nature of Al Capone Andrew Papachristos and Chris Smith Chapter 6: Snakeheads and the Cartwheel Network: Functional Fluidity as Opposed to Structural Flexibility Sheldon Zhang Chapter 7: Illegal Networks or Criminal Organizations: Structure, Power and Facilitators in Cocaine Trafficking Structures Andrea Giménez-Salinas Framis Chapter 8: Dismantling Criminal Networks: Can Node Attributes Play a Role? Bright, Catherine Greenhill, and Natalya Levenkova Chapter 9: Strategic Positioning in Mafia Networks Francesco Calderoni Chapter 10: Drug Trafficking Networks in the World Economy Rémi Boivin PART III: CYBERCRIME NETWORKS Chapter 11: Skills and Trust: A Tour Inside the Hard Drives of Computer Hackers Benoit Dupont Chapter 12: Information Exchange Paths in IRC Hacking Chatrooms David Décary-Hétu Chapter 13: Usenet Newsgroups, Child Pornography, and the Role of Participants Francis Fortin PART IV: ECONOMIC CRIME NETWORKS Chapter 14: Pushing the Ponzi: The Rise and Fall of a Network Fraud Aili Malm, Andrea Schoepfer, Gisela Bichler, and Neil Boyd Chapter 15: Breakdown of Brokerage: Crisis and Collapse in the Watergate Conspiracy Robert R.A resettlement agency, Jewish Family and Community Services of Pittsburgh, found them an apartment on a bus line so they would be able to get to work and appointments without a car.Federal funds from the State Department and Office of Refugee Resettlement that are distributed by the agency paid their 0 per month rent for the first few months.Jewish Family and Community Services paid for a few more months with money the organization receives from grants and donations.If you feel squeamish about seeing someone’s salary, don’t.

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